Whiskey Jack Flowers is an independent flower studio curating unique, seasonal florals with an emphasis on using locally grown Ontario blooms. Inspired by nature in all its seasons, our style exudes a wild spirit and raw sensibility through the use of hand selected florals, ethically foraged foliages and whimsy curiosities. 

Why us?

Each design is carefully curated to reflect our clients vision using elements of the season to create a cohesive story that combines texture, colour, dimension and a sense of intrigue. We view floral design as an artistic discipline and love creating less conventional, more contemporary pieces. With a passion for sourcing our flowers locally we are able to provide our clients the freshest quality, seasonal blooms. Using locally grown flowers helps stimulate our economy, supports sustainable growing practices, reduces carbon emissions, all the while supporting our local community of incredible flower farmers.  

Meet the Designer

Lisa Weagle is the hands and face behind Whiskey Jack Flowers. Lisa brings her eclectic style and sharp eye for detail towards everything she does. With a formal background in fashion and strong foundation in visual arts, Lisa has a keen understanding of the elements and principles of design which she articulates throughout each of her, one of a kind flower creations. Lisa is a self-proclaimed treasure hunter; whether in the forest or on the shoreline, she is always looking to discover new-found treasures and inspiration.